Ligier Sports Cars

Ligier is French Car Company, that started competing in Formula One racing in 1970's. The team had several cars and spent more than two decades on the racing circuit before Alain Prost bought the ownership of the team. Here are few of the major sports cars used by Ligier team.

JS 11 - The Gerard Ducarouge designed and Ford Cosworth DFV engine powered, Ligier JS 11 was a very competitive ground effect car. When in 1979 Jacques Laffite laid his hands on to the steering, the Ligier JS 11 won the initial two races during the Formula One 1979 season. The other drivers who drove the car were Patrick Depailler and Jacky Ickx, for the Ligier Formula One team. The Ligier JS 11 returned to track in 1980 season with more improved ground effects and better aerodynamics. Again JS 11 won two races during 1980 season of Formual One with Didier Pironi in the driver's seat. Mid-season JS 11 started showing problems of stress fractures due to too much downforce on the suspension. Overall JS 11 achieved seven pole positions, five wins and a total of 127 points during its racing career.

JS 27 - Ligier Formula One team used JS 27 to compete in Formula One during 1986 season. The JS 27 had evolved from JS 25. The changes were to be seen in the form of better aerodynamics and a lower fuel tank. The Ligier used lighter material in building it to keep the car lighter in weight. Initially Jacques Laffite and Rene Arnous, as a team, drove JS 27. They were very dominant on the circuit. Laffite achieved two podium finishes during the 1985 season with JS 27. The JS 27 by far could be easily called the most competitive car ever possessed by the Ligier Formula One team. Jacques Laffite met an accident on the tracks during the 1986-racing season of Formula One. He was seriously injured and never returned to racing after recovering. This came as a major setback for Ligier team from which it never recovered.

JS 39 & JS 39B - For the 1993 season of Formula One, Ligier used JS 39 to compete on the circuit. JS 39 had a Renault RS5 3.5 V10 engine with the cabin crew consisting of Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell. The following season of 1994 the JS 39 got an upgrade to ´┐ŻB' specification. JS 39B had a Renault RS6 3.6 V10 engine with the driver's seat taken by Olivier Panis.

JS 41 - For the 1995 season of Formula One racing, the Ligier team used Ligier JS 41 with a Mugen-Honda MF-301 3.0 V10 engine. The main driver was Olivier Panis for the whole season.

JS 43 - The Ligier team competed the 1996 season of Formula One racing with Ligier JS 43. Olivier Panis drove the car, it was his third consecutive racing season with the Ligier team. Although the car had been showing recurring problems, but Panis managed to win his only Grand Prix during 1996 Formula One season. He won the Monaco Grand Prix, thus scripting only the second win for Ligier team after the 1981 victory in Canada.