Ligier - Pioneers In Green Cars

The world is experiencing troubled times both economically and environmentally. Economically it might be the start of another depression and environmentally, the countries are experiencing unseen climate changes. The change is known as Global Warming. Global warming is due to rise in carbon content of the air. Industries and transportation modes are major contributors to global warming.

Ligier Car Company, one of the most successful French automakers, is among the pioneers of green cars. Ligier is known for its sports cars and Formula One team. The company has been working since its inception to bring out new better, more efficient and eco-friendly cars. For this reason, the Ligier Car Company forayed into the small car segment and further went on to build super-minis that can accommodate only two persons.

Ligier has had association with some of the top car and engine manufacturing companies around the globe, so they were able to match synergies and pick up technology to develop more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. Ligier Ambra is a prime example of the Ligier's quest to build green cars, making them the pioneers in the green cars. The cars that Ligier Car company brought out in the 1990's focused on being more environment friendly by following EURO II and EURO III norms.

Ligier not only improved on the existing engines but also made various new engines in partnership with brands like Renault. The cars that came were small, aimed at the transport solution for the urban commuters. The cars were built of very light but tough material. The material, that could easily stand as well as pass the car through the toughest car-crash tests. The curb weight of the cars was reduced so that the load on the engine was reduced further. This lowering of the weight increased the fuel economy of the Ligier cars thus providing more mileage.

They made changes in the design of their cars to improve the aerodynamics. The improvement in aerodynamics was first tested in the sports cars, then slowly used in the passenger car segment. The company was also working on the car models that use alternate energy to run. They were working on the electric cars. The European cars are generally seen to be smaller in size, the Ligier Car Company was not an exception to this trend. They actually went on to start manufacturing super-minis for the public. These super-minis were extremely small in size. They were easily parked almost anywhere. They were the most useful when it came to traversing the less spacious old European city streets or into the more congested traffic on road.

The modifications in the engines reduced the emissions from the Ligier Cars. The reduction in emissions was very helpful in keeping the environment degradation under check. This even inspired other car manufacturing companies across the Europe to start working on similar projects. Although the Ligier Car Company does not exist as of today, the ownership of the company has been sold. Nevertheless, the Ligier remains one of the pioneers in the green cars, becoming the source of inspiration for many automobile makers.