Ligier Ambra

For people who are mostly regular urban commuters facing the tough problem of parking, Ligier Car Company has come out with the perfect car called Ligier Ambra. It is the new small car from the French automaker with a French touch to the car. At first look you might get turned off but actually the car has features and applications favorable in the daily life of any modern day city dweller.

The best part about the car is that it's very economical and eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly or going green is the buzz-word today and what would be better than Ligier's Ambra, an eco-friendly car in a low budget. Ligier Cars, a company started by Guy Ligier, has this track record of bringing out ultra cheap cars that just manage to keep the attributes of a car in place, with the running costs of the car taking a nose-dive. This actually turns out to be very economical for service class buyers.

The Ligier Ambra is one of the most versatile super-mini cars that you can come across. The Ambra has a 505cc petrol engine that delivers 20bhp in power. At this meagre power it would be a false hope to expect very sublime performance from the car. However, surprisingly the Ambra proves to be a winner on road while keeping pace with the busy city traffic. It has maximum achievable speed of 65mph.

The Ambra does not have any gearbox or manual speed transmission. The transmission is a constant velocity transmission gearbox. On the outside Ambra looks just like a small box but inside, the cabin to our amazement has enough space to accommodate two persons easily. This actually is large enough space for those small dimensions. The Ligier Ambra can be parked just about anywhere and can travel easily through the most congested streets of the city.

The cabin in Ligier Ambra has space only for two but the luggage space actually is mind blowing, to be exact 800 lts. The Ambra is neither super luxurious nor it scores very high on equipments. However, in a low budget the car comes fitted with enough equipment to keep the ride smooth and comfortable. The Ligier Ambra comes with three-spoke alloy wheels, a decent quality stereo, halogen headlamps, an electric boot release, electric windows, contrasting cloth trim,tinted glass, remote central locking and a rear wiper. You can also get leather seats and the front fog-lamps additionally if you want them.

The Ambra passes all the security norms and crash tests before being brought into the European market. It is one of the safest super-mini cars. The car scores moderately on the parameters of built, comfort, equipments installed and handling. The performance is also just about okay, without too much of styling, be it interiors or exteriors. The things where the Ligier Ambra scores high are the costs, it is very economical to buy and run this car as well as the insurance also won't cost much. The Ambra uses a lot of recyclable material in its manufacturing so it is actually an eco-friendly car.