Ligier Car Company

Ligier is one of the most renowned automobile manufacturers from the beautiful country of France. The Ligier is best known for its Formula One racing team. The Ligier Formula One team was operational on the circuit from 1976 to 1996. The Ligier car company was founded and owned by a former racing driver Guy Ligier. Guy Ligier was also a rugby player.

The Ligier car company entered the automobile market with the car Ligier JS2. The car was a sports car that had a V6 engine, same as the one fitted in the Maserati. The car was an instant hit, it was praised for its excellent power to weight ratio. The placement of the engine was done centrally in the sleek Ligier JS2. However, due to extreme energy crisis in the early part of the 1970's there was a dip in the automobile business. The Ligier Car Company was also badly affected, the sales for the JS2 had dropped so much that they had to stop the production of the car after 1973. The Ligier car company then entered the market back with the Micro-cars.

The Ligier Car Company was taken over by the Piaggio and is owned by them today. The company hit badly due to rising competition both on and off the circuit had to sell off the business. They even withdrew from the Formula One tracks in 1996. Their small cars however are still great value, and will still surprise you in a great way when you get that free car insurance quote. Cheap cheap!

Ligier is best known for its Formula One team. The number 25 and 26 were initially with the Ligier Formula One team. The car with which they entered the Formula One race had a Matra V12 engine. The Ligier Formula One team created history in 1977 when they won the Grand Prix with Jacques Laffite. It is still considered the greatest all French victory in the Formula One World Championship history.

In 1977 after the expiry of the contract between Ligier and Matra, the Ligier Car Company came out with JS11 that had a Cosworth engine powering it to greater heights. However, the JS11 had to face stiff competition from the aerodynamically designed cars of William as well as of Ferrari. The 1980's were not very bad for the team, they had some good sponsors and were always rated among the toughest competitors on the Formula One Circuit. Still the Ligier Formula One team could never rise to the spot of being numero-uno.

Throughout the 1980's Ligier had partners like Renault who were supplying engines to them. After Renault, they had Alfa Romeo, BMW and then Mugen-Honda but no one became their stable partner. During the 1990's the Ligier Formula One team went on to struggle hard. It had very little financial as well as public support. Even the show of the Ligier was not great enough to cheer anyone.

When Alain Prost bought the Ligier Formula One team, its name was changed to Prost Grand Prix. The Team was sold just after the victory of Monaco. However, the team Prost Grand Prix also went bankrupt in the year 2002. Even though it had financial backing of some of the biggest French Companies, it still could not mange to survive.